Ground-Work advises clients, with new-builds, refurbishment projects and existing establishments, on how to maximise their return on assets and capital through pro-active control of vital but non-core business functions and costs.

Our services include:

New Builds

  • From general space planning advice to complete
    project management

    Most ‘Special Occasion’ buildings must have a different design approach from buildings used continuously for the same purpose.  Practicality, functionality and flexibility must be ‘designed-in’ with the space, storage and logistical considerations to maximise commercial opportunity and control whole-life costs.


  • From feasibility, base design, costings and supplier recommendations to turn-key projects

Increasing sales and reducing costs in existing premises (general catering consultancy)

  • From specific to general audits, ‘Path to Purchase’ recommendations and working through the four key logistic paths that must be in balance within any catering establishment in order to maximise financial return.


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“Buildability must be followed by workability”